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Electric taps or instant mixers: we explain how they work
Posted by   |  12/08/2022 00:00:05   |   Home   |   0 Comments
Electric taps or instant mixers: we explain how they work

Hot water in the home is an essential commodity, but consumption can be high and harmful to the environment. In these cases, the ideal solution is electric taps or instant mixers, two innovative and technological options that are becoming increasingly popular among consumption- and ecology-conscious consumers.

But what exactly are electric taps or instant mixers?

They are a new technology that allows you to have hot water in as little as 3 seconds. In practice, thanks to these products, there is no longer any need for a traditional water heater, which is often old and consumes too much, or a gas model that can cause installation problems in apartment buildings. The electric tap is, therefore, the perfect solution for those who want instant hot water without wasting water or energy.

But are electric taps or instant mixers really convenient?

Absolutely! Contrary to what one might think, these products do not lead to an increase in consumption, but on the contrary allow savings of up to 30% on water and gas bills. How? Thanks to their innovative technology, which allows them to produce instant hot water at will, without waste. The resistance inside the tap becomes red-hot and heats only the water needed, without heating litres and litres inside a tank. Moreover, the instant heater uses only a couple of watts of energy, which means it can also be used in homes with multiple electrical devices connected to the meter.

But there is more good news: electric taps or instantaneous mixers are not only convenient, they also look good! Thanks to their innovative designs, these products can become real furnishing elements for the bathroom or kitchen, suitable for both modern furnishings and smart or home automation-style homes.

But where can you find the best taps for your bathroom or kitchen?

The answer is simple: online! Today, in fact, online bathroom taps and fittings are the preferred purchase of consumption- and environment-conscious consumers. The prices are low and the advantages are many, starting with the eco-friendly certification, which reduces CO2 consumption and contributes to the protection of the environment. Only turn to professionals, to digital dealers who are competent and can answer any questions or doubts you may have. In the Smart Home Faucet online shop you will find high-quality electric faucets with modern designs for every need!

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