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Terms and conditions of sale

The placing of Orders on the Site is permitted only to natural persons who have the legal capacity to enter into binding agreements in accordance with applicable law and are acting for purposes unrelated to any business or professional activity carried on (the "Customers").

Where requested, Customers must provide their first name, last name, date of birth, email address, delivery address for the Products, social security number, and other personal information. Such information must be true, accurate, and constantly updated. We encourage the User to review the Privacy Policy to learn how and for what purposes the Seller processes personal information.

The User may not place Orders on the Site using the name or credentials of another person, unless expressly authorized by the person entitled to do so

Acceptance of an Order - Contract of Sale.

The technical steps to place an Order are highlighted in the sequence of pages on the Site, through explanatory text and graphics. By clicking on "Complete the Purchase" on the last page of the checkout phase, the Customer will formulate to the Seller a contractual proposal to purchase having as object the items contained in the virtual "cart".

Receipt of the Order does not constitute acceptance by the Seller of the contractual proposal to purchase.  In order to complete the Order it is necessary that:

(i) the Customer reads and accepts, by check box, the general conditions of sale;

(ii) the Customer completes, in electronic format by entering all the required data, the Order form (the "Order Form") containing a summary of the essential characteristics of each selected Product; of the price of each selected Product and the total purchase amount; of the means of payment the Customer has chosen; of the mode of delivery of the Products; of the shipping, delivery and return costs; of the conditions for the exercise of the right of withdrawal by the Customer and for the application of the legal guarantee of conformity; of the estimated time of delivery; of the mode and time of return of the Products purchased;

(iii) payment is made, in favor of the Seller, of the price of the Products purchased by the Customer, including shipping and delivery costs (where applicable);

(iv) automated forwarding by electronic means to the Seller of the Order Form takes place;

(v) the Seller, receives electronically, the Order Form.

Submission of the Order entails Customer's express acknowledgment of its obligation to pay the price.

Following the electronic submission of an Order, the Customer will receive an email confirming receipt of the Order. Such communication is functional to notify the Customer that the Order has been received and to provide him with the Order identification code and does not in any way imply acceptance of the Order by the Seller. If one or more of the details in the email are incorrect, Customer shall promptly notify Seller's customer service department at Acceptance of the Order by the Seller shall take place only when the Seller sends the Customer the confirmation of acceptance of the Order (the "Order Confirmation"), usually coinciding in time with the shipment of the Products. The relevant Contract shall be deemed executed upon receipt of the Order Confirmation by the Customer.

Before then, Seller reserves the right not to accept an Order where it deems it appropriate. In particular, the Seller shall not be liable, in any capacity whatsoever, in the event that an ordered Product is removed from the Site after the relevant Order has been placed. Indeed, it may happen that the Site displays, by mistake, Products that are unavailable at the time.

In the case of partial unavailability of the Order, Customer Service will contact Customer to verify Customer's willingness to (i) receive a partial Order; (ii) receive the complete Order in multiple shipments; or (iii) cancel the Order.

In the event that the Order is completely unavailable, however, Customer Service will contact Customer to inform Customer that the Order cannot be processed and will cancel the relevant Order. In such case, no charge will be made against the Customer.


Payment can be made by the following payment methods (the "Payment Methods"): credit cards, SEPA debit, or via PayPal account. Credit, debit or prepaid cards of the Visa, MasterCard, American Express, SOFORT circuits are accepted. The Seller will charge the purchase price, as defined below ("Price") coinciding with the acceptance of the Order.

The Site adopts Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure a higher standard of security on each Order.

On the off chance of error, negligence or malfeasance relating to the handling of the transaction related to an Order by the Payment Gateway and payment brokerage systems, Seller shall not be held liable for such error, negligence or malfeasance.

The Seller reserves the right to cancel a transaction and cancel the related Order if fraudulent use of the Payment Method adopted for the Order is reported. In addition, the Seller shall not be liable in the event of any wrongful use of a Payment Method by a third party that is not attributable to its error or negligence.
Shipping and Delivery.

Shipping is Free throughout Europe. Once we receive your order we will entrust within 3 days, excluding Saturday and Sunday, the product to the courier.
The delivery time count indicated will start from the moment the courier picks up the goods.
The tracking of the shipment is indicated inside via email.

The Seller undertakes to deliver Orders to Customers accurately and quickly, in accordance with the delivery terms indicated on the Site during purchase (7-15 days) and, in any case, within 30 days from the date of sending the Order Confirmation to the Customer.

The Order Confirmation is sent to the Customer at the time the Products are delivered to the courier for shipment.

Under certain circumstances, such as, for example, sales periods or business closures, delivery times may vary. The Seller shall not be held liable for delays in delivery that are not attributable to its fault or negligence. Therefore, the Seller shall be exempt from liability for delays due to force majeure, strikes, natural disasters and any other facts related to the provision of courier services or any other circumstances beyond its control.

The courier will make an initial attempt to deliver the Order to the address indicated by the Customer. If the delivery is unsuccessful, the courier will inform the Customer of the attempted delivery and will try to agree with the Customer on a further delivery of the Order.

In the event that the courier finally fails to deliver the Order, Customer Service will contact Customer to verify Customer's interest in a new shipment.

Upon delivery, the Customer shall verify the accuracy of the number of packages and the integrity of the outer packaging. In the event that the Customer finds anomalies in the delivery, for example with reference to the number of packages or in the presence of damage to the outer packaging, the Customer must sign the courier's delivery document with reservation and contact Customer Service. In the event that it fails to do so, the Customer may not subsequently raise any objection regarding the delivery, subject to the provisions of art.7 below regarding hidden defects and in compliance with the legal regulations placed to protect consumers.

In case of non-delivery of the Products within the terms indicated, the Customer must notify the Seller who will verify with the courier the status of the shipment and any anomaly. In case of loss or destruction during transportation of the package containing the Product(s) purchased by the Customer, the Seller will either resend the Product, subject to its availability, or refund the Order. Customer may contact Customer Service at

The Seller cannot guarantee that Products purchased at the same time will be delivered in a single shipment, nor that any different shipments will arrive at their destination at the same time.

By selecting a different country of delivery, prices, terms and conditions and availability of items may change.

Please visit the shipping page for more details


All prices posted on the Site are inclusive of VAT (the "Prices"). Regarding the shipping costs of the Orders (the "Shipping Charges"), the Customer should refer to what is stated in the "Shipping Times and Costs" section.

The amount of the Shipping Charges (where due), including VAT, will be visible in the Order summary during the checkout process and will be reflected in the Order Confirmation sent to the Customer following acceptance of the Order.

Any changes made to the Prices of the Products will be effective from the date of publication of the new Prices on the Site, without retroactive effect on Orders already accepted by sending Order Confirmation.

Without prejudice to the case of a recognizable error pursuant to Article 1431 of the Italian Civil Code, the Seller reserves the right not to accept an Order due to the incorrectness of the Price published on the Site or indicated in the email sent to confirm receipt of the Order, i.e. prior to its acceptance by the Seller.

Communications or Complaints

For any communication, information or complaint relating to an Order and these general conditions of sale, the Customer may contact Customer Service by email at:

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