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Washbasin tap with electric mixer: modern design and instant hot water

The electric faucet is an innovative solution for heating water efficiently and conveniently. With its modern design, easy installation and energy efficiency, it is an ideal choice for modern, designer bathrooms. It offers numerous advantages over traditional taps, including accurate temperature regulation, no need for an external boiler and low electricity consumption. It also helps conserve water resources due to its ability to deliver hot water instantaneously, without waste.

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The electric mixer tap is a state-of-the-art device that allows water to be heated without the aid of other components such as an attached water heater, but using only electricity. This type of mixer is perfect for situations where limited space under the basin does not allow the installation of a traditional gas or electric water heater, representing a modern and extremely functional solution for bathrooms with an elegant and sophisticated design.

Compared to traditional bathroom taps, the electric mixer offers numerous advantages in terms of energy efficiency, comfort and aesthetics. Thanks to its internal electrical control unit, the water temperature can be precisely adjusted, ensuring a constant and even flow. In addition, the electric mixer does not require the use of an external boiler, thus reducing installation and maintenance costs.

The design of the electric mixer is extremely neat, characterised by elegant, clean lines that fit in perfectly with any style of bathroom decor. Its installation is very simple and does not require the intervention of a plumber: simply connect the device to a common power socket and select the desired hot water temperature via a convenient knob.

Moreover, thanks to its low power consumption (between 2 and 5 watts) and current consumption of only 220-240V/50Hz, the electric mixer is a smart choice from the point of view of energy consumption, allowing considerable savings on the electricity bill and reducing water consumption.

The electric mixer delivers hot water instantaneously, avoiding the water wastage associated with having to run it for a few seconds before it reaches the desired temperature. In this way, the electric mixer helps to conserve water resources and reduce the environmental impact of water consumption.

In addition, electric mixers are equipped with safety features, such as an automatic cut-off device in the event of an overload and a protection system against excessive water pressure, ensuring a higher level of reliability and safety in use.

From a maintenance point of view, electric mixers are very easy to clean and maintain, as they have no moving or mechanical parts that are subject to wear and tear like traditional taps.

In summary, electric mixers are a modern and innovative solution for heating water efficiently and economically, offering numerous advantages over traditional taps.

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